Diversity Inclusion Resources

Diversity Inclusion Resources

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General Information

Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy

Through Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy, the leader of an organization or institution involved in any aspect of nuclear policy can become a Gender Champion.  To diversify panels and support a variety of perspectives in the nuclear policy sector, Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy offers a list of questions for individuals to ask when invited to participate on a panel:

  1. What are you doing to ensure gender diversity at your event?
  2. Are there any women, or equal numbers of women, speaking on the panel(s)?
  3. (If not) Have the organizers reached out to female experts?
  4. (If not) Can we share our evolving list of dynamic experts in the field that happen to be women?
  5. Are conference organizers using the list to identify and invite expert women panelists?

LEARN MORE:  https://www.gcnuclearpolicy.org/champions/become-a-gender-champion/

Gender & Disarmament Resource Pack for Multilateral Practitioners

The International Gender Champions Disarmament Impact Group developed this resource packet to contribute to the goal of achieving gender equality in multilateral disarmament fora.  This packet includes basic information on gender equality and its relevance to arms control, nonproliferation, disarmament, as well as practical ideas that can support diplomats in applying a gender lens to their work.

DOWNLOAD PACK: https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/igc-production/l1NWf0n8N3vxQXGw3Fvyjqh-6OhVfPeA.pdf

LEARN MORE: https://genderchampions.com/impact/disarmament

United Nations Guidelines for Gender-Inclusive Language

The United Nations Guidelines for Gender-Inclusive Lanuage and its accompanying ‘Toolbox’ of training materials are designed to help United Nations staff communicate in a gender-inclusive way in the six official languages of the Organization. The Guidelines include a number of recommendations to help UN staff to use gender-inclusive language in any type of communication.  The Toolbox offers materials to help implement the Guidelines effectively.

VIEW GUIDELINES & TOOLBOX: http://www.un.org/en/gender-inclusive-language/index.shtml

Videos & Multimedia

ANSTO CEO Says There Are Real, Lasting and Meaningful Careers for Women in Nuclear 

Adi Paterson, CEO of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO), talks about his vision of the future of nuclear science and technology and what role women could play in it.

IAEA’s Women in Science:  Perspectives from Africa

Two African women scientists—Sarah Nafuna from Uganda and Jane Mubanga Chinkusu from Zambia—present their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges for women in Africa who would like to enter the field of nuclear science.

Infographic: Women’s Meaningful Participation Builds Peace 

UN Women offers an infographic to demonstrate how to facilitate meaningful engagement of women in peace and political processes.

VIEW INFOGRAPHIC:  http://www.unwomen.org/en/digital-library/multimedia/2018/10/infographic-womens-meaningful-participation-builds-peace