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Contextualized Global Disease Threat Surveillance

This project aims to contextualize the global disease threat surveillance system aligning health, security and law enforcement to prevent, prepare for and respond to biological terrorism and other deliberate biological events.

The project is also exploring the development of an electronic system that operationalizes machine learning and big data analytics to detect global disease outbreaks in order to identify potential deliberate biological incidents.

Project activities include:

  • Assessment of current capabilities related to biological information-sharing to identify needs and gaps;
  • Establishment of a framework of cooperation and specification requirements to implement the platform; and
  • Establishment of working groups to identify the legal, technical, and analytical issues.

Risk Area(s) covered


Beneficiary Countries

Beneficiary Regions


1174810 CAD


Start Date: January 1, 2018
End Date: December 31, 2021

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Name Position Agency/Department/Org Note
Mr Trevor Smith Head & CWC Point of Contact
Global Partnership Program
Mr Emmanuel Roux Special Representative of INTERPOL to the UN
Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Subdirectorate
International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)
Mr Simon Collard-Wexler First Secretary
Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations

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