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Enhancing Research for Africa Network (ERFAN)

The ERFAN project has the following specific objectives to:

  1. Identify priorities in veterinary public health and to discuss needs in the veterinary field that should lead to joint research opportunities, technological innovations, training and scientific publications;
  2.  Set up a network of scientific veterinary institutions as Veterinary Schools and National Laboratories that can assist and support the new Poles of Excellence;
  3. Improve the monitoring and controlling of zoonosis, transboundary animal diseases, animal welfare and food-borne diseases, in accordance with World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) standards;
  4. Create an African community which will benefit from stronger global disease surveillance networks; and,
  5. Build a network and the opportunity for all ERFAN members to share information and ideas.

Risk Area(s) covered


Beneficiary Countries

Beneficiary Regions


1451000 EUR


Start Date: January 1, 2018
End Date: 

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Mr Claudio Martinello Deputy Head of Office
Disarmament, Arms Control, and Non-Proliferation
Ms Tianna Brand Head
Programmes Department
World Organisation for Animal Health

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