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Global Prevention and Control of Anthrax

In partnership with endemic and hyper-endemic countries that have prioritized anthrax preparedness/prevention, the United States’ Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Bacterial Special Pathogens Branch is implementing projects to strengthen the capacity to detect, rapidly identify, diagnose, and prevent anthrax in human and animal populations. Project activities include:

  1. Building surveillance, laboratory diagnostic, and outbreak response capacity for anthrax;
  2. Providing training and laboratory supplies for molecular detection of anthrax rather than more risky culture confirmation methods;
  3. Supporting biosafety assessments of laboratories conducting anthrax activities;
  4. Evaluating improved diagnostic methods to improve biosafety and biosecurity of anthrax testing using inactivated samples;
  5. Revising infection control guidance for sample collection, transport, and storage for animal and human samples, as well as post exposure guidelines;
  6. Assisting with the development of national strategic plans and guidelines for surveillance and outbreak management of anthrax in humans and animals; and
  7. Developing risk-mapping models using environmental variables and historical outbreak locations to help focus limited public health resources to areas of highest risk.

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600000 USD


Start Date: January 1, 2018
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Mr Todd Perry Special Coordinator, UNSCR 1540
Department of State
United States
Mr Stephen Knight Point of Contact
United States Mission to the United Nations
United States

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