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Masters of Science in Biodefense

George Mason University’s Biodefense program bridges the gap between science and policy by providing students with the knowledge and analytic skills to assess the risks posed by natural and man-made biological threats, weapons of mass destruction and terrorism and to develop strategies for reducing these risks to national and international security.

This 36-credit degree is interdisciplinary with core courses on the biology and epidemiology of key biological threats, US and global health security programs and policies, and theory and methods. The broad array of electives offered by the program and the Schar School allow students to tailor their graduate education to focus on their academic and professional needs. At the end of the programs, students take a Capstone class where they write a research paper equivalent in length and quality to a peer-reviewed journal article.

The MS can also be pursued entirely online. The online biodefense courses are offered in an asynchronous format – instructors make the class instruction available online for students to access at any time from any location. All of the biodefense courses are offered in-person and online on a rotating basis.

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