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Laboratory Twinning Programs

This program links existing World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Reference Laboratory or Collaborating Centres with a selected candidate laboratory or centre. The twinning programme is an integral concept to capacity building for the improvement of veterinary services. Knowledge and skills are exchanged through the projects to improve compliance with OIE Intergovernmental Standards, including for biosecurity and biosafety, to create a culture of responsible science and good laboratory practice, and to develop scientific expertise. Twinning projects provide mutual benefits for both laboratories and centres including creating joint research opportunities, and stronger global disease surveillance networks. This programme is available to OIE Members and the request is made through the OIE Delegate to the Director General of the OIE.

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Start Date: January 1, 2013
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Parent Program: OIE Laboratory Twinning Programme


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Ms Tianna Brand Head
Programmes Department
World Organisation for Animal Health

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