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WHO Health Emergencies Programme

The programme works with countries and partners to help build the capacities required to rapidly detect, respond to and recover from any emergency health threat.

The programme aims to minimize the health consequences of outbreaks and emergencies by:

  • Helping countries to strengthen capacities to detect, prevent and respond to health emergencies;
  • Mitigating the risk of high threat diseases and infectious hazards;
  • Detecting and assessing emergency health threats and informing public health decision-making;
  • Responding rapidly and effectively to emergencies under a coordinated incident management system; and
  • Ensuring WHO’s work in emergencies is effectively managed, sustainably financed, adequately staffed and operationally ready to fulfil its mission.

Providers and Implementers ?

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Name Position Agency/Department/Org Note
Dr Huong Tran Thi Giang Acting Regional Emergency Director
WHO Western Pacific
World Health Organization (WHO)
Dr Guenael Rodier Director
Department of Global Capacities, Alert and Response
World Health Organization (WHO)

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